Lesson 02: The Workshops Done Academy Checklist to Keep You on Track

In Workshops Done Academy (WDA) I cover a lot of ground, so to help keep you track, I created a checklist for each Module with action items to keep you on track.

If there's one thing I know how to do well and love doing it's keeping things organized. I love the feeling of checking things off a list and if you like space for you to check things off as well, then you're going to love the Module checklists. During the program, you will be developing an entirely new branch of your wellness business with lots of work to get done, so there are lots of moving parts to keep track of. The checklists will be your BFF that shows you what you have accomplished and what needs to get done.

I have broken down each Module and lesson and have listed individual action items, resources and PDFs per Module. Print your checklist for each Module and keep it close by as you work your way through the program.

I always encourage you to go at your own pace and find a timeline that makes sense for your life, but I also want to help you - and maybe push you a little - to get your message out into the world as soon as possible.

Even if you don't like to check things off as much as I do, this checklist will still be a great resource for your WDA journey. Print the checklist to have by your side. After you do that, have fun checking off your list!

Comment below.... Do you find checklists helpful to keep you on track?

Welcome Module Lesson 02 CheckList WDA 0222.pdf
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