Pre-Cleanse (Start Here): Journaling Prompts & Journal/ Tracker Template

Welcome to your 10-Day Whole Foods Cleanse Journal Experience!

You are invited to journal about your experience each day during your 10-Day Whole Foods Cleanse journey. Writing down your experiences and feelings in an unfiltered way has been proven to reduce stress and double the results of any weight loss or behavior-change program.  

Each day has a different focus and journaling questions related to the changes you may be experiencing. Your daily journalling questions are designed to take you deeper into the cleansing process and help you transform any bad habits you may be holding onto for dear life into healthy habits for lifelong success.

Journaling can be an effective way to break the cycle of mindless eating and proactively process your thoughts and emotions. It also keeps us honest with ourselves, which is crucial for success! During your cleanse, you will find your daily journaling prompts in this module. Please start with the pre-cleanse journaling prompts to reflect on why you signed up and your intentions for doing the cleanse.

The journey to self-knowing often brings about a change in personal habits, which can lead one down the path toward a healthy life and weight. This program can be life-changing by experiencing first-hand how you feel when you really take care of yourself, mind, body, and soul.

I highly recommend having a notebook or journal to track your experiences during this cleanse. Or click the link below for a google doc template or download the PDF attached to this lesson.

The journaling experience is optional, but please don't underestimate or skip this vital program part. 

Please take some time to think about the following questions. Write your answers down. Don't worry if they're not perfect - just write what comes to you.

As you prepare for your cleanse, please answer the questions below.

  1. Why am I doing the 10-Day Whole Foods Cleanse? Or, what motivated me to sign up for the program?
  2. What are three specific goals I have during the 10-Day Whole Foods Cleanse?
  3. How would life be different if I reached those goals?
  4. How will life be if I don't make changes to my health?
  5. If one of your goals is to lose weight, please answer the following two questions. What are the top two-three things that hold me back from losing weight? For example, not knowing what's healthy or not, emotional eating, sugar addiction, choosing poor-quality foods, busy life, people in my life who encourage bad habits, fear of failure, and success.
  6. What beliefs do I have that might be holding me back? For example, "I've tried before and failed," "losing weight is too hard," "I don't deserve to give myself this much time and attention," or "I never succeed at anything I do."

You can share your answers by posting them below in the comments, share with friends, or keep them to yourself in your journal. Remember, this is a non-judgmental, safe space, and we would love to hear from you! Please give other participants encouraging words! Thank you.

Inspiration Quote for Today:

"Write down the things that are on your mind. The simple act of listing your thoughts can have a cathartic and healing effect." – Julia Laflin.

Need additional support? When you need support, please reach out - my job is to help you figure out how to keep going in a way that works for you. Contact Lori (that's me) by tagging me in our Facebook Group, comment below or email me at [email protected]

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