Check-In With Yourself: Accountability, Mindset and Affirmations (Worksheet + Two Video's)

Welcome to Module 1, I am over-the-moon excited that you are here! 

During the Workshops Done Program, check-in with yourself before starting each module. The modules are set up to build on each other and to complete sequentially. 

I also invite you to notice and pay attention to your thoughts about giving Wellness Workshops in public. Are your thoughts negative and holding you back? Or, are they positive thoughts and help you move forward with confidence? Just as you may do a cleanse with avoiding junk food, we will be cleaning our thoughts, the junk during the WD program. As Health Coaches, we all know we are the only ones who can create our own experiences, and they all start with our thoughts. When we change our thoughts, we can change (and improve!) our business and the direction of our life. We will discuss this worksheet during the Module 1 Live Coaching Call, please have your worksheet available to share your answers.  


Sending positive vibes your way, Lori

Module 1 Mindset Check and Affirmations Workshops Done.pdf
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