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A Step-by-Step Immersion Course with Done-For-You Materials and Instruction to Grow Your Health Coaching Business with Wellness Workshops.

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A Health Coach’s Time Is Valuable. A Part Of A Smart Health Coaching Business Is Being Able To Sell The Same Workshops Over And Over Again; You Will Work More Efficiently And Your Exposure Will Bring In More Clients!

Are You Wondering How To Incorporate Wellness Workshops To Grow Your Business? Workshops Done Has Done-For-You Workshops With An Immersion Course So You Know Exactly What To Do To Have Workshops Confirmed And Ready To Go! You Will Save Money And Time With This Concentrated Course. Why Re-Create Something That Has Already Been Perfected?

Would You Like To Have Clients Asking YOU To Work With Them? Would You Like To Have A Waiting List For Your Clients? The Key Concept Of Having A Thriving Health Coaching Practice Is Giving Wellness Workshops.

Most Health Coaches Charge $395 A Workshop. This Can Be An Added Revenue Of Over $20,000 To Your Business If Held Weekly. Plus, These Workshops Bring More Clients To Your Health Coaching Business. Taking The Workshops Done Course Pays Off In Earnings!

“One of the best decisions I made was jumping into Workshops Done, I could not have given my first workshop without this program. The PowerPoints, handouts and speaker notes were very helpful and the perfect way to promote my online 5-day detox. I received signups for my next detox after the workshop and many contacts that are interested in working with me.” - Rebecca Johnston, Certified Integrative Health Coach

Health Coaches From All Over The World Have Been Contacting Lori Kearney To Find Out Her Secrets About Her Successful, Full-Time Health Coaching Business: The Key Concept Is The Wellness Workshops!

The Workshops Done Immersion Program Walks Health Coaches Through All Of The Details Necessary For Creating And Booking Workshops, Filling Your Audience, Done-For-You Materials, And Improving Speaking Skills And Filling Your Practice. . The Program Has Live Online Classes And Done-For-You Materials And Workshops To Jump-Start Your Health Coaching Business!

"Lori has created a comprehensive program, and provided complete done-for-you materials. I was able to customize everything and present a content-packed workshop with ease, thanks to all of the materials Lori has already created. Is it worth it? A thousand times over!!! Lori has tested everything, and offers huge support and generous inspiration. Thank you, Lori!!" - Edie Hoppin Healthy Living Gluten Free Nutrition Expert

With your purchase, you are getting permission to edit the workshops in any way you'd like, including edits with your name and health coaching business logo on it!!

Offering Wellness Workshops Is One Of The Fastest Ways To Grow A High-Quality Email List, Expand Your Health Coaching Practice And Add A Substantial Amount Of Income To Your Business.

Workshops Done Is A Step-By-Step Immersion Course With Done-For-You Workshops And Instruction To Grow Your Health Coaching Business With Wellness Workshops. This Includes Bookings, Practicing And Marketing The Workshops. All Details Are Covered From Start To Finish, So You Don’t Have To Worry About Missing A Thing. If You Are Eager To Learn About Integrating Workshops Into Your Business, Workshops Done Is The Perfect Solution For You.

"If you’re on the fence about investing in this program, just jump in! You’ll be glad you did! The quality of the content Lori provides is thorough, high-quality and oh, so time-saving!"

-Mary Wallace, Holistic Health Coach | Author | Speaker



For extra support and accountability, health coaches are able to go through this course as an immersion course. We will join in on live coaching calls to discuss each module and worksheets together.

All calls will be recorded and available to watch within four hours of webinars.


An amazing group forum where you can connect with me and other health coaches in the program to get all the support you’ll need to assist with accountability and questions throughout the program. Together, we lift each other up to move forward in a successful health coaching business!



  • One-Page Condensed Workshop Handout "Top Tips to Kick Your Sugar Habit"
  • Four-Page (two sheets double-sided) Workshop Handout with room for notes.
  • 30 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health Handout
  • Workshop Speaker notes/script
  • PowerPoint presentation for In-Person Workshops
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Webinars
  • Flyers to promote your event
  • Flyers to give to Corporate Clients to promote workshop internally
  • Facebook Image for Events
  • Welcome and Sign In Sheet
  • "How much sugar is in that?" sign
  • Free sugar related photos to use to update materials


  • Video with Instruction on How to Use and Edit Stress Busters Materials.
  • Worksheet/Handout With Lines (Four-Pages)
  • Handout Without Lines (Condensed Two-Pages)
  • Detailed Speaker Notes/ Script (17 Pages)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (51 Slides) for In-Person Workshops
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Webinars
  • Flyers To Promote Your Workshop
  • Social Media Images (6) To Use For Promotion Of Workshop
  • Facebook Event Covers (8)
  • Additional Photo’s To Use (15)
  • Video with Instruction on How To Personalize Social Media And Event Covers On Canva.
  • Links to Projects on Canva for Quick Editing.
  • Access to a Facebook Group for Support from Lori Kearney and Other Like-Minded Health Coaches.


  • Two-Page Condensed Workshop handouts
  • Four-Page (two sheets double-sided) Workshop handout
    with room for attendees to take notes.
  • Complete Workshop Speaker notes/script
  • PowerPoint presentation for In-Person Workshops
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Webinars
  • Flyers to promote your event
  • Flyers to give to Corporate Clients to promote workshop internally
  • Facebook Image for Events


  • Script/suggested language to use when contacting venues
  • Sign in Sheets
  • Sign in Flyer
  • Press Release Sample
  • Raffle Ticket Template
  • Register-To-Win Signage
  • Health History Sign up Sample
  • Create a Wellness Workshop E-Brochure to give to future clients or update the sample with your contact information.
  • Create a bio to be used in your Wellness Workshop E-Brochure.
  • Confirmation form for confirmed workshops
  • Gift Certificate Template Large
  • Gift Certificate Template Small
  • Canva links to edit images
  • Color Platelet of presentations
  • Checklist of items to bring to your workshop
  • Sample follow up piece to convert attendees into an online detox program.
  • Four recorded webinars with Lori Kearney
  • All Workshop Done Members receive 25% off on additional workshops!
  • And more

The Workshops Done Course for Health Coaches begins November 4th, 2019!

You will receive, all of the Workshops Done hand-outs, power-points, and more plus live coaching calls/webinars and tons of support from Lori with a totaled value over $2000!

You’ll get everything listed above for just $797.


Health Coaches Will Receive $200 Off And Receive "Detoxing Your Body For Beginners" Workshop ($349 value) Free AND TAKE THE COURSE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE!

The course with live group coaching calls and three made-for-you workshops and more for only $597! Scroll down for payment options.

Sign Up Today! Questions? Contact Lori Kearney at 612.720.1335 or [email protected] with questions or to set up your complimentry 15-minute session to see if the program is a good fit for you.

Class Curriculum + Downloads

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Courses Included with Purchase

"How to Kick the Sugar Habit" Done-For-You Full Wellness Workshop for Health Coaches
Hand-Out, Speaker Notes, PowerPoint Presentation and more (Editable and yours to download!) Grow your business with Wellness Workshops!
Lori Kampa
"Stress Busters" Done-For-You Wellness Workshop for Health Coaches
Hand-Out, Speaker Notes, PowerPoint Presentation and more (Editable and yours to download!) Grow your business with Wellness Workshops!
Lori Kampa
"Detoxing Your Body for Beginners" Done-For-You Wellness Workshop for Health Coaches
Hand-Out, Speaker Notes, PowerPoint Presentation and more (Editable and yours to download!) Grow your business with Wellness Workshops!
Lori Kampa

Original Price: $1,047

Your Instructor

Lori Kampa
Lori Kampa

Lori is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Educator, Business Coach and Owner of Mindful Health and

Health coaches from all over the world have contacted Lori to discover her secrets to building a successful full-time health coaching business. She always shares that the backbone of her business growth is having successful Wellness Workshops. She founded, a done-for-you immersion program designed to walk health coaches through all the details they need to book workshops, fill workshops, sell during workshops, and follow up after workshops. She offers her health coach colleagues the opportunity to be guided with her detailed instruction and to put their name and logo on her handouts, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and more.

Lori is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In addition, she has a BS degree in Psychology and Business.

Lori believes in working smarter, not harder. Why re-create the wheel when someone else has already invented it…and perfected it? For more information on Lori, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to these materials?
Your access starts now and you have unlimited access for at least 12 months from the date you signed up! This can be an immersion program with deadlines or it can be a self-paced online course, download, and edit materials anytime in the next 12 months. We recommend to download all the material immediately, so they are ready to go to give a workshop.
What if I am unhappy with the materials?
Lori would never want you to be unhappy! If you decide this workshop isn’t the right fit for you, please call Lori Kearney directly at 612-720-1335 within seven days of purchase and let her know what didn’t work for you, and she’ll refund your purchase.
Can I customize the Done-For-You Wellness Workshop materials?
Absolutely! All of the materials are in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Canva and downloadable to edit. You can customize and re-brand each handout, PowerPoint, etc. and make it your own. You could add your health coaching company logo, color schemes or even combine materials from different workshops to create a new Wellness Workshop. As a courtesy to Lori, for the amount of work she has put in to write and create each workshop, please do not share these materials with other health coaches. Thank you in advance. It is greatly appreciated!
About how long are the Wellness Workshops?
The Wellness Workshops usually range from 50-90 minutes, but most of my clients request 60-minute workshops. These workshops have A LOT of content, and each workshop could be separated into three 60-minute in-depth workshops for a workshops series or group coaching experience instead.
Can I do Workshops Done if I have a full-time job? How long is the Workshops Done Program? What if I can’t get the “homework” done on time?
Absolutely! The program is set up as a five-week immersion course with approximately two to four hours of homework each week. You can use the deadlines as the program is set up as a “fast-track” or you can create new deadlines to take the course self-paced over the next 12-months. Some people take baby steps and others take big leaps in this program, but the most important thing is to continue to move forward. You will be asked if you would like to be in a small group Accountability Partner group. You can accept or decline to be part of a group. This program is manageable with a full-time job, decide if you want the “fast-track immersion” or to do it self-paced.
I don’t feel that I know enough or am good enough to give workshops. Would this be a good program for me?
First of all, you are enough and you know enough. This is a common question and as health coaches we know we are the only ones who can create our own experiences, and they all start with our thoughts. When we change our thoughts, we can change the direction of our life and business. In this program we cleanse the negative thoughts (toxins) out of your mind, add in positive affirmations and focus on gratitude every day, multiple times a day. Workshops Done has a section about Mindset in each module. Many health coaches add the Mindset shift to their health coaching practice as well.
Could I use these workshops for a group health coaching experience instead?
Absolutely. These workshops could each be a three-hour group coaching class instead. There are A LOT of notes under each tip and depending on how deep you want to go or based on your audience; you can decide which points to use.
Could I use these workshops for a Facebook live on my business or personal pages?
Yes. These workshops have been used for Facebook live posts as well; each tip could be a new five-minute Facebook live and post. So, you would have months’ worth of weekly posts and live video to create a social media buzz.
Could I use these workshops as a webinar or only in-person?
Yes, all the workshops could be used in-person or online as a webinar. You receive two PowerPoint versions for each workshop - one for in-person workshops and the other for webinars.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, there is an option for three monthly payments. For example, if you purchase the program today, the next payment would be one month from today and last payment two months from today. *Please note that all charges are in US dollars.

Thanking you for signing up for Workshops Done, I am so happy you are here.

Lori Kearney

[email protected]

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